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Half Way Point

November 15th

My word count today: 559
Total word count: 7959
Target word count: 25005

Shortfall of target:17,046

It's the half way point which means everybody - you should be at 25,000 words at least to ensure you're on target to reach 50,000 words on the 30th November.  As you can see, that's not me. I have a hundred and one excuses including the fact that I have finally launched the Christmas e-book I mentioned in earlier posts. The link is here just in case you're interested:

Helping you to eat like an Angel this Christmas

I've stopped posting everyday as it was simply embarrassing and not very exciting to read, but I will carry on posting every now and again over the next couple of weeks in the event that I do manage some more words here and there.

If you are still slogging on. Keep going.  Keep writing. It will be worth it. 

Things are not looking good

November 9th

My word count today: 0
Total word count: 6436
Target word count: 15003

Shortfall of target: 8567

Well, I have to say I'm almost embarrassed to be writing this blog. No further progress, no more words. My poor characters have become trapped in a time warp. What will become of the poor darlings? I can almost hear them crying out: "Help us, please help us, we can't be left and abandoned here. This is not how it ends."

"I'll be back to save you," I call out to them. Once I feel better and refreshed and have some energy.

To help get me back on my feet, I spend the afternoon at a restorative yoga session or as the yoga teacher likes to call it - an advanced lying down session.It is blissful. I spend three hours getting myself into deeply restful yoga poses. I'm so chilled from it, that I am in bed at 9 pm and that's Saturday gone...

If you would like to attend the advanced lying down yoga sessions, you can find out more here:

Oh No!

November 8th

My word count today: 0
Total word count: 6436
Target word count: 13336

Shortfall of target: 6900

I wake up with good intentions and that's as far as it goes.  My day disappears in a blur of trying to fathom out how you complete getting an account with Kindle Direct Publishing and sorting out the tax implications. And I'm so tired, I feel like I'm walking through porridge.

All hopes of writing vanish. This blog is starting to sound very whiney now. Today I feel sorry for myself. I get like this when I'm overtired - not a good place to be your most creative. The weekend is almost here though, surely I should be able to get some good writing under my belt on Saturday and Sunday.

Nano Nothingness

November 7th

My word count today: 0
Total word count: 6436
Target word count: 11669

Shortfall of target: 5233

I'm still only just over 5,000 words behind. In my first year, I wrote 10,000 words in the last two days, so I convince myself that I can easily catch up. Tomorrow will be a good day for that - not today as I still struggle on with the editing of my non-fiction e-book.  Whoever knew that these last proof reads and format changes would take so long and be so tiring. Surely I must almost be there now so that I can refocus on Nano. Surely!

Nanowrimo - Day 6

November 6th

My word count today: 0
Total word count: 6436
Target word count: 10002

Shortfall of target: 3566

I feel so tired today. The thought of writing any of my novel is just that a passing fancy, a thought, something that disappears into the void. It's like a dream - a bit like thinking that today I'd like to book a flight to Venice. It could happen, but it won't.

Nanowrimo - Day 5

Day 5 - November 5th

My word count today: 965
Total word count: 6436
Target word count: 8335

Shortfall of target: 1899

Behind again, but what the heck. I'm keeping myself going by telling myself that the total amount of words I've written in five days is almost the same as the word count for the whole of 2012. I figure so far so good, unless of course I spend the next 25 days with a zero word count!!!

Another thing I've learnt is that it's quite hard to try and edit, finalise and launch an e-book on the Kindle Direct Publishing site at the same time as doing Nanowrimo. Tomorrow's focus will be on this and then hopefully I'll return to the fold.

Keep writing everyone. I'm sure there are some fabulous novels being created out there.

Nanowrimo - Day 4 Update

Day 4 - November 4th

My word count today: 435

Total word count: 5471
Target word count: 6668

Shortfall of target:1197

Here I am - behind target once again. It reminds me of all the times I've been to Slimming World and Weight Watchers! Hummm - is there a pattern emerging in my life. But it's all fine - I feel confident that I can catch up, even if it's not today but over the next couple of days.

Let's just take a moment out from Nano to pay homage to Douglas Adams who once said:

"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”
I'm living my life by his rules today!

Whose rules are you living to? Whatever they are - I hope they bring you pleasure and joy and that you have the opportunity to let your hands fly over the keys to your heart's content.

Phew! Back on Track

Day 3 - November 3rd

My word count today: 4027

Total word count: 5036
Target word count: 5001

Shortfall of target: 0

Phew, I managed to catch up today. It was pretty tough and did involve me working until almost midnight but I'm back on track and happy about it.

Things I've learnt so far:

It's hard to catch up when you get behind. I'm not quite sure why I haven't learnt this lesson from the two previous years of doing Nano, but it doesn't seem to have sunk in yet and I'll probably be in the same position again later this monthMy preferred Nano snack is salted crisps (or potato chips as our friends across the water would say). This could be bad as I may finish but be three stone heavier. Note to self - seek out healthier snacksIt's good to have someone in the same household also doing Nano as it keeps you going as you don't want to be the one lagging behind. Hope you're on track and wishing you good stead for the week ahead.

Oh crikey!

Day Two - November 2nd

My word count: 0

Target word count: 3334
Shortfall of target:2325

Day two of Nanowrimo and I'm failing miserably already. For some reason I'm writing my novel timeline and planning what bits come where and who does what when.  The lesson to learn from this is that this should have been done prior to November 1st. I'll try and remember that next year!

Hope everyone else is getting along fine. Let me know.

It's Here!!!!!!

Day One - November 1st

My word count: 1009
Target word count: 1667
Shortfall of target:658

It's here everyone - the first day of November and Nanowrimo has started. It's a day when our hopes are high and we're motivated and fired up for action.  Hope you are all doing ok. I'll be putting my progress on here during November and would love to hear how you are progressing.

Due to my lack of planning, I spent the first few hours of today getting up to speed and outlining my novel, which although helpful didn't top up the word count.  I finally started putting words on the page at lunchtime and then had to dash to a meeting at 2 pm. I'm happy to at least have managed 1000 words on my first day and hoping to catch up over the weekend and even (hopefully) get ahead.

Hope you've all had a great first day.