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Letting go of our inner critic

It's very easy to give ourselves negative messages when writing. Things like: 'this is rubbish, why would anyone want to read this, I'm getting nowhere so I might as well give up, why am I bothering.' I'm sure you know the sort of thing and yet how often do we say things like: 'this is brilliant, people are going to love this, I'm a great writer.' Yep you're probably reading this nodding your head, admitting that you're predominantly in the first camp of thought rather than the second.

I'm not sure why this happens to us - after all if you're a dentist or a lawyer or in any other type of regular job, you don't tend to think to yourself on your way to work, 'I'm a terrible dentist, my patients hate me and I know I can't do this job, I'm really going to bodge up Mrs. Smith's tooth extraction today.' Or at least I certainly can't imagine that happening. Maybe any dentists reading this post will let me know ot…