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An act of shameless self promotion

It can be tough as a new writer to find a showcase for your work and even more so to get some valuable feedback from others. And yet there are sites out there that are willing to share your work and encourage you to write. One such site is Morgen Bailey's website where you will find a host of opportunities to not only write but also to meet others who write.

Morgen sends out daily writing prompts to encourage you to sit and write for just 15 minutes. There are usually several prompts including random words, a picture to inspire and a set of characters that you can put into a story. But if you visit the site, you'll see it's so much more than this. It's a veritable writer's emporium and a joy to dip into.

I have completed two of Morgen's exercises recently (here's the act of shameless self promotion) and she selected one to be included on her Flash Fiction Friday site. My story is about a woman suffering from depression and the lack of purpose that can result …