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A tribute to our trusty oven

Today I'd like to write you a love story. It's an unusual one that involves my ongoing relationship with our cooker, the Leisure Professional. Thursday will be a sad day as it's the day we say goodbye to this oven and welcome in a new model. We've had the Leisure for 20 years. It has served us well, but it's finally had enough. I remember the day we chose it. It was so beautiful with its stainless steel finish and ceramic hob. I felt so grown up and adult when the salesperson, a lady, told me how useful two ovens and a separate grill would be. 'Nobody wants to put a delicate lemon meringue pie in the same oven as a roast chicken,' she told me. 'Think of the smell,' she added, crinkling her nose. 'And once the pie is ready, you can brown the meringue under the grill without it affecting anything else you're cooking.' I was sold. Probably just based on the fact that I was someone who looked like they could cook a roast chicken and a lemon m

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