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All the thrills and all the chills!

I love a good horror movie and occasionally dip into the horror genre when reading too. One of my favourite authors for this type of writing is Rev Peter Laws. He knows precisely how a good horror plays out and picks up on all your vulnerabilities. I was excited to know he had a new book coming (release date is 20th February) and I was fortunate to get a copy via Netgalley.

Let me tell you, this one is a real thrill ride.

The first chapter starts with what appears to be a pretty typical early morning village scene and then turns into something quite horrific. It reminded me very much of some of the Horror movies I've watched where evil turns up in the most routine and mundane places unexpectedly. The whole book felt like it could be turned into a film and if it was, it's one I'd watch.

The theme of the book is demonic possession and exorcism, and it also features a so-called expert in this field who flys in from America to help out us poor folk in the UK where demonic poss…

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