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Cast a Long Shadow - Welsh Women Writing Crime

I love a short story collection, and I love crime writing, and here we have a combination of the two. Cast a Long Shadow is a carefully curated selection of stories written by Welsh women who love the crime genre like me.  It's a wonderful read with a wide variety of tales.  I really wasn't sure where I'd be going next.  Naturally, you'll have your favourites in a book of stories, but that does not detract from the imagination and creativity given by all the writers who feature in this book. Some favourites for me were: Strike Weather by Louise Walsh, With Both Eyes Closed by Tracey Rhys Growing Pains by Delphine Richards and The Quiet by Diana Powell (which, in my view, veered into the Horror territory and, as a result, was a brilliant read). My absolute standouts were: The Ship by Eluned Gramich - although a story we're sadly pretty familiar with, is heartbreaking and written with such tenderness shown to the young victim. Cast a Long Shadow by Hazell Ward took my

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