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Finding Balance

For the last two days, I've had an inner ear infection which has led to me losing my balance and feeling dizzy and weird (yes, I know even more than usual!)  It's not like anything I've ever experienced before and absolutely no alcohol or other mind altering substances are involved. Being a complete control freak, the feeling of not quite being in control has been very uncomfortable for me. I've had to slow down, really think about my movements, not rush into anything and be quite definite about where I'm going and how I'm going to get there. I've viewed the world somewhat differently too. When you have to move more slowly in a world that seems to be all about speed and haste, it gives you a very different perspective.

I've found the most beneficial position for me is to look straight ahead, avoid any sudden movements and bending and it's best for me not to look to the side or behind.

Perhaps the universe is trying to send me a message - keep on st…

April A to Z Blogging Challenge

During April I completed the A to Z blogging challenge, meaning that each day during April (apart from Sundays) I committed to writing and publishing a blog post. On 1st April I had to write a post beginning with A, 2nd April a post beginning with B and so on until I reached Z on the 30th April.  I chose in the main to write about writing, a topic close to my heart.

Links to my post are outlined below for ease and to give you a full view of topics covered during the A to Z challenge. It was a fun challenge and something I would embark upon again as it helped me get into the discipline of writing each day and I also made some new blogging friends along the way.

Here are my links:

A = Acting like a Writer


C = Coffee Shops

D = D is for Dark Side

E = Energy

F = Feedback, Fears and Fragility

G = G is for Goats

H = Writing from the Heart

I = Ideas and Inspiration

J = Journal Addiction

K = Keep Going

L = Labels

M = My Muse

N = Nanowrimo

O = Opening Lines

P = Presenting your Work