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Be more Kate

A few weeks ago I was in the privileged position of being at one of Kate Bush's concerts. My husband being a forever fan had managed to secure tickets for us. I didn't realise just how privileged until the night of the concert. Don't get me wrong, I like Kate Bush and have enjoyed many of her songs. 'Cloudbusting' and 'Running up that Hill' are long time favourites of mine. I was looking forward to seeing her in the same way I've looked forward to other artists. However, I had no idea of the impact of attending this particular concert. It did something to me. It moved me. I would even go so far as to say it changed my life.

How can a concert possibly change your life you may wonder. The thing that came across so fiercely for me was the honesty in Kate and her music. She came on stage and it felt like I was listening to the one and only concert she was ever going to give. It felt like the first time and the last time even though I knew she was giving the same concert at the same time the next day.

Her on-stage presence was spiritual, warm, trusting and surreal. She was humble and thankful for the fact that we 'the audience' were there and she smiled so often I was reminded of the Cheshire Cat. She was eccentric yet adorable because of it. She totally owned the show and herself. She made no excuses. She was authentic and completely congruent. These qualities sprung forth from her and I stood in the rays of her energy and let myself get soaked from head to toe.

The show was wonderfully theatrical. I'd deliberately not read any reviews so it would be fresh to me. And fresh it was, completely unlike anything else I'd ever experienced. I was surprised, thrilled, excited, unsure of what might come next. I found myself falling into it, within moments moved to tears and somewhere within it, I found part of myself. A tiny piece that had been forgotten, but was now awoken and eager for attention. At times, it was like I was in a dream, some sort of trance. Kate was the White Rabbit and I tumbled down the rabbit hole eager to follow wherever she wanted to take me - deep into this storybook fairy tale world of hers. I wanted to remain there forever and for this performance never to end.

Leaving the performance, I travelled back through London with other concert goers. We were all blown away, people for once happy to chat on the tube about what they'd experienced. I almost didn't want to talk about it - as if doing so would make it less real and disssolve it in some way.

Since the concert, her songs continue to worm their way into my head. I find myself quietly humming the first few bars or singing the chorus of one of her songs. Kate has hypnotised me in some way I'm sure.

And what have I taken from this experience. As I writer, I want to apply this level of honesty and authenticity to my own work. I want to be more Kate. I want to write things that will engage my audience in the same way - to take their hands and lead them somewhere that they never wish to return from. When I look at my work and I'm struggling for what to say next, I want to be more Kate. I want to own my creativity and my life in the way she does. I want to twirl and sparkle and smile at others. I want to work it so that you feel I've given you everything.

I want to be more Kate.


  1. Followed you here from Jeff's blog challenge...

    I would think, Angela, that you should strive to be more Angela, and not more Kate... There is an old Hassidic tale, about the holy Rabbi Zushe of Anipoli, a 17th century Chassidic Master. It is said that he was concerned about having to face the heavenly court. He was not worried about being asked why he was not like Abraham or Moses or King David. His only concern was how would he respond when asked, ‘Zushe, why were you not as great as Zushe?’ I have found that the greatest incentive to get me writing. I don't have to be a Shakespeare, or a Milton, all I have to do is be the best I can be, and try and live up to my potential. I don't think that any of us can ask for more than that...

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking time out to comment and for putting across a different perspective. Yes I agree we all want to strive to be the best we can and live up to our potential. Like you say we may not be Shakespeare but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't write. I do, think though that it's also good to be inspired by the creativity of others and to learn and grow to maximise our potential. Good luck with the Blogging challenge and hope to catch up with you in the Blogosphere.

  2. That was a fantastic experience, Angela. I understand what Mirel say, and agree, but I also think that seeing someone else's journey, someone who is getting deep into the art to a point that they touch us, is inspiring. Not because we should do exactly what they do, but becuase we see their energy and the way they take and give. We can learn from it, but above all - I think - when we experience such a person, such an evergy, we are reminded why we do what we do. We are reminded that it's worth it and why. In experiencing them, we are reminded who we are.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I love the way you have put this across. I agree with Mirel too - we definitely should be the best us we can be, but sometimes we need to connect with others and gain inspiration from them and how they do it. Like you say, by doing that we can be reminded of why we do what we do and who we are.

    2. AW, you are an inspiring person and I thank you for your authenticity with this post. I do hope Kate continues to energize you because you truly deserve it.

  3. Hey Dara, lovely to see you here and thsnks for your kind words. We must catch up soon.


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