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Finding Balance

For the last two days, I've had an inner ear infection which has led to me losing my balance and feeling dizzy and weird (yes, I know even more than usual!)  It's not like anything I've ever experienced before and absolutely no alcohol or other mind altering substances are involved. Being a complete control freak, the feeling of not quite being in control has been very uncomfortable for me. I've had to slow down, really think about my movements, not rush into anything and be quite definite about where I'm going and how I'm going to get there. I've viewed the world somewhat differently too. When you have to move more slowly in a world that seems to be all about speed and haste, it gives you a very different perspective.

I've found the most beneficial position for me is to look straight ahead, avoid any sudden movements and bending and it's best for me not to look to the side or behind.

Perhaps the universe is trying to send me a message - keep on straight, look ahead, slow down, don't get distracted by things on the sideline that are nothing to do with me and don't dwell on what's gone. Sounds a pretty good analogy for life.


  1. Visiting from the road trip (A storey of stories).

    I'm sorry to read about your inner ear infection (I didn't say hear about it - that would have been too cruel). Although I've not experienced it, I can sympathise.

    Looking back over your A-Z month, I was grateful for your words on NaNoWriMo - I've signed up for this year. Not only will it be my first attempt to write 50000 words in one month, it will be my first attempt to write 50000 words.

    I envy you your group, even if they are not in your genre - any groups that may or may not exist in my area won't even be in my language!

    1. Hello Keith and thank you for stopping by. It's always nice to have visitors and see people here. The ear infection is getting better thankfully and I'm certainly less liable to fall over today :-) I'm glad to hear that my Nanowrimo post inspired you. It is a great experience and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. The online forums and groups are very helpful and fun to interact with in the absence of actual people to meet up with. My husband completed the challenge last year and collaborated with another writer in the US, so there are lots of options. Hope it goes well. I might even give it another crack this year. Wishing you all the very best.

  2. Good luck and hope you feel better. Vertigo can be troublesome. And while looking straight ahead is worthwhile, sometimes looking up does give a different perspective. Found you on A to Z road trip. Take care

    1. Hi Joanne, thanks for your kind words and for dropping by. It's easy to look the same direction in life and yet gaining a new perspective can be so important in helping us see things differently and to move forwards.Wishing you well.

  3. Inner ear infections are rough. Hope you feel better, soon!

    1. Thanks Sherry and thanks for visiting here. Feeling better now and hopefully it won't return.

  4. I like the analogy you pulled together from your ear infection. At least something good came out of it. And I hope you're feeling better by now.

    1. Thanks Suzi, yes I'm feeling much better now and more balanced. Just visted your site and loved the theme you chose for the A-Z challenge - what a lot of fun that was. Thanks for dropping by here.

  5. Eight years ago I ended up in the E.R. with bad vertigo. It turned out I had wax pressing against my eardrum. I sympathize!
    I'm visiting from the A to Z challenge list. One of our blogs is Poetry of the Netherworld.

    1. Gosh that sounds bad - a trip to ER. I feel better already as mine was nothing like as serious as this. Thanks for visiting and dropping by and taking the time to comment.


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