Thursday, 24 October 2013

Nanowrimo 2013

So we are only a matter of days away from the start of another month of crazed, edit-free writing as part of Nanowrimo. For those of you who don't know what it is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month and it's an opportunity to write 50,000 words of your novel during the month of November. Yes, you did hear me right - 50,000 words. I know it sounds a lot but you can do it and thousands of people do each and every November. Nanowrimo encourages you simply to write 1,667 words each day. It doesn't want you to re-read and edit your work. It doesn't want you to keep going over chapter 1 again and again to ensure that it really is your very best work. No, it just wants you to write each day and tell your internal editor to shut up.

If you sign up to Nanowrimo, you can:
  • add in how many words you've written each day to keep on track (and the site will tell you just how far behind you are should that happen - which it has to me each year), 
  • get distracted from writing by visiting the forums and discussing all sorts of writerly topics 
  • you can also meet up with other writers undertaking the project in your area
There's probably lots more that you can do too, but these tend to have been the three aspects that I've used most on the site.

It is a fantastic opportunity to forget all the rules of writing and just write for the  sheer hell of it and it's also a lot of fun.

I've signed up for another year. Why don't you join me? You can find out all the details by checking out Nanowrimo

Hope to see you on the forums.

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