Monday, 5 November 2012

Nano - Day Three

Saturday 3rd November

My wordcount today 0
My total wordcount to date 1057
Target wordcount 5001

Shortfall from target 3944

I wake at 4.30 am and lay for an hour in the semi darkness, semi-consciousness of thoughts. I am tempted to get up and write but I'm in someone else's home and it seems rude to be wandering around in these near dusk hours. I try and go back to sleep but plot threads are on my mind. I'll remember those when I wake up I think.  They play over and over in my head until I feel forced to write them down. I don't want to forget them now that they have shown themselves to me. And so, I switch on the light, fumble about for my notebook and write them down. Once it's out of my head and on the page, it seems easier to return to sleep and so I wake again at 8.00 am.

I know this morning I have agreed a coaching session with my friend before I leave and then I have a further two and a half hours drive home. Plus I haven't seen my husband for a week. I don't think it's feasible to think that when I arrive home I will be writing. And it's not.

Oops - starting to feel behind now. I tell myself we are still in early days and everything will be fine. I also try not to look at the threads on the Nanowrimo site - the ones that tell me some people have already written 10,000 words, but of course it's too late. I've seen it now. And I also look at the wordcount for my fellow regional participants and feel a sense of disappointment when I realise they are way ahead of me - well most of them anyway.

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