Friday, 9 November 2012

Nano - Day Seven

Wednesday 7th November

My wordcount today 0

My total wordcount to date 3703
Target wordcount 11669

Shortfall from target 7966

One piece of advice when undertaking Nanowrimo - try not to have dental problems or any health issues or have to go to work or anything really that is going to stop you from writing. That ok? Think you can handle that. Well I certainly can't as I wake up to more dental issues requiring an emergency appointment. Frustration over the teeth situation is not conducive to sitting at the screen and being creative and so I put my mind to more physical tasks this morning to take my mind off things. Perhaps once the treatment is over this afternoon, I can get back to it.  Ha Ha, no that's not the case - pain and creativity also do not sit comfortably it seems and as I feel wretched I give up on the idea of writing today.

And here endeth day number seven.

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