Monday, 19 November 2012

Nano - Day Eighteen

Sunday 18th November

My wordcount today 783
My total wordcount to date 7739
Target wordcount 30,006
Shortfall from target 22267

I wake up today with a perfect excuse not to write - that being that it is our 17th wedding anniversary. But instead, I once again write in bed for an hour before rising. I've even taken my laptop up to the bedroom in readiness. This was a good move although I do still need to get up for tea and a quick bowl of weetabix - both which come back to bed with me. This really is the life.

Today I know that I will not return to write. On some days there really other proper priorities rather than the ones that I put in front of my writing. Today is a celebration of 17 years of marriage and I intend to spend the day with my husband. The weather is glorious. There are blue skies stretching further than we can see, the temperature is warm for the time of year and the sun shines down on us. We are blessed in many ways. We walk, talk, share a delicious light chocolate brownie, laugh, drink presecco toasting each other and finally we stand by the sea and stare at the stars realising that the Universe is mighty vast but thankfully amongst it all we managed to find each other.

It is a perfect day in all ways. Beautifully simple and simply beautiful.

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