Monday, 8 September 2014

A little piece of bliss in the city

I'm sure you'll agree that finding a little piece of calm and quiet space in any city can be hard. And finding a space to sit and read, perhaps even more difficult. So it gave me great pleasure to find this delightful space in amongst the shops and cafes in Seven Dials in London. It's called the Seven Dials Book Exchange and of course I wanted to share it with you, just in case you're in need of a book and a sit down which if you're reading this, I'm sure will be the case.

It does what it says on the tin. You turn up with a book you no longer want and add it to the collection and then take a book from the shelf that you'd like to read. Sounds a nice idea and yes, you say, there are lots of places that do that. But not all of them provide you with some comfy sofas and vintage chairs and a place to relax and read your new book.

OK - now we're talking, but it gets even better than that. If you really want some peace and quiet, they even have their very own private reading rooms, where you can lock the door and completely immerse yourself in the joy of reading and away from the crowds outside.

See I told you it was good. I'm sure they wouldn't be adverse to you doing some writing while you were there too.

And when you're done with reading and you need sustenance, you can wander up the street to The Timber Yard for coffee, tea and all sorts of yummy loveliness.

Here's what we had for breakfast - Porridge with Bananas and honey and coffee of course!

I'm definitely putting Seven Dials on my 'return to when in London next time' list.

I think it could be my new best favourite place.


  1. Howfunisthat! Seriously - you found a treasure. I'm hoping I find something like this in my future stomping grounds. Wishing you many hours of bliss.

    1. I know a real treaure. It's just a shame I rarely go to London. Still at least when I do I know where to head. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  2. This is really fantastic! I hope someone would think to something like this in the place where I live.
    But maybe, next time I'm in London... ^_^

  3. Sadly this is not in my home town. Perhaps we should set about establishing these places where we live for us and others to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it.