Wednesday, 7 May 2014

April A to Z Blogging Challenge

During April I completed the A to Z blogging challenge, meaning that each day during April (apart from Sundays) I committed to writing and publishing a blog post. On 1st April I had to write a post beginning with A, 2nd April a post beginning with B and so on until I reached Z on the 30th April.  I chose in the main to write about writing, a topic close to my heart.

Links to my post are outlined below for ease and to give you a full view of topics covered during the A to Z challenge. It was a fun challenge and something I would embark upon again as it helped me get into the discipline of writing each day and I also made some new blogging friends along the way.

Here are my links:

A = Acting like a Writer


C = Coffee Shops

D = D is for Dark Side

E = Energy

F = Feedback, Fears and Fragility

G = G is for Goats

H = Writing from the Heart

I = Ideas and Inspiration

J = Journal Addiction

K = Keep Going

L = Labels

M = My Muse

N = Nanowrimo

O = Opening Lines

P = Presenting your Work

Q = Quilts and Qwerty

R = Retreating

S = Success in Writing

T = My take on Timelines

U = Us and our Wonderful Stories

V - How Values impact our Writing

W = What Writing is not

X = X-Ray Vision

Y = Yes Man Yes

Z = Zesty Writing


  1. Thanks, Angela. I like having this handy because I missed a few. I'll be back.


    1. Thanks Laura. It will be nice to have a visitor. I like drop bys :-)

  2. It's nice meeting you, and congrats on completing the challenge. I like reading writing posts and find them useful, so will be back. AtoZer

    1. Thanks for dropping by Michelle and hope you had lots of fun with the challenge. I enjoyed it very much and actually liked the discipline of it. It certainly made me write a post every day even on the days when I least felt like it :-)

  3. Guess I'm here for the first time and well done. It was quite a daunting challenge but fun:)

    1. Glad you had fun on the challenge and thanks for stopping by.