Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Zesty Writing

What is it that gives you a zest for writing?

Do you get a buzz from creating characters and plotting what happens to them in a story or novel?

Do you want to share your experiences with others whether you've been on a round the world trip or you have a personal message to share?

Do you want to educate or guide others through your writing?

Take a moment now to think about the sorts of things you really enjoy writing. What piece of writing recently gave you the most pleasure? What was it about that writing that inspired you or was so enjoyable?

The reason I think it's important to consider these aspects are because usually when we write with zest, it's likely to be far more enjoyable for the reader too. I liken it to some wise words that I received from an elderly neighbour of mine who bakes a lot of cakes (and yes, I'm very happy to live next door to her as there are often spare slices of Victoria Sandwich or scones available which she hands to me over the wall). She once told me that she called some cakes she made 'attitude cakes'. When I pushed her for further explanation she said that if you don't have the right attitude when you start to bake a cake, it usually shows. She said that the best cakes were always the ones made with love, care and attention, the ones that she really wanted to make. Attitude cakes often came up lopsided, would sink in the middle or the fruit would all drop to the bottom. These were the ones she made when she really didn't want to do it that day or she was tired.

I've always liked her take on cake baking and I think it can very easily be applied to our writing process too. If we write with zest and the right attitude - one of love, care and attention, I'm sure it will make the writing experience more enjoyable for us and for our readers too.


  1. Cute post Angela. The last day of the A to Z Challenge and I'm still finding blogs I missed seeing this month. Hope you had a fun time, I sure did.

    1. Hi Robin, thanks for dropping by. I know exactly what you mean. I'm still hoping to get back and visit a few more yet as there was such a wide selection. Yes the challenge was fun and I'm just pleased I managed to complete it :-)

  2. such positive, encouraging posts for writing! i think W was my favorite - there's a lot of fun and games, but writing is sitting down and writing!!

    great job with the challenge!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Tara. I appreciate it. It's always nice to get some positive feedback when you're a writer and hope that you're reaching some people one way or another :-) Now what to do next...

  3. I write because I can't help it, I'm too curious to know what it is to be someone else :)

  4. I like that thought very much. We can write to become someone else for a change of perspective. Thanks for dropping by.