Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Yes Man Yes


If you've seen the Jim Carey film you'll know that he agrees to say yes to everything in his life. Sounds crazy hey - why would we want to do that? It could lead us into all sorts of bizarre and strange situations, and more importantly take us out of our comfort zones and we certainly wouldn't want to do that would we? And yes, that includes me!

Yet saying yes opens us up to all sorts of opportunities. In my writing world I've said yes to the following:

Yes I want to join a writing group and so in association with my local library I set one up and two years later it's still running

Yes I want to join the Nanowrimo website and write 50,000 words in a month and so I did and it reconnected me with the joys of creative writing

Yes I want to attend some writing courses and so I did and this has meant that I've been on the Granta Writing Course in New York as well as attending local courses close to home.

Yes I want to connect with some authors and see how they do it and so I attend author speaking events and have made friends with some of these people

Yes I want to have a story published and so I have submitted several to magazines - most of which have been rejected and got nowhere, but one which is due to be published in a magazine in May.

Yes I want to undertake the 500 words writing challenge and in doing so I have met some wonderful people online one of whom I met in person today even though she usually lives in the US.

Yes I want to be part of the A to Z Blogging challenge and here we are almost at the very end with only one more post to write. It's been a discipline and has helped me commit to writing every day and once again I've met some fabulous people.

Yes I want to keep on writing, keep on developing in my writing and keep on learning and keep on sharing and that's what I intend to do.

Yes I want see my novel in the window of my favourite bookstore - oh, oops better get on and finish writing it!

I can't tell you that I say yes to everything but I have tried to be as open as possible when it comes to writing. Perhaps I should take the Jim Carey approach and see what happens when I apply it to other aspects of my life!

Perhaps there's something that you'd like to say yes to in relation to your writing. Why not make it happen now.