Sunday, 10 November 2013

Things are not looking good

November 9th

My word count today: 0
Total word count: 6436
Target word count: 15003

Shortfall of target: 8567

Well, I have to say I'm almost embarrassed to be writing this blog. No further progress, no more words. My poor characters have become trapped in a time warp. What will become of the poor darlings? I can almost hear them crying out: "Help us, please help us, we can't be left and abandoned here. This is not how it ends."

"I'll be back to save you," I call out to them. Once I feel better and refreshed and have some energy.

To help get me back on my feet, I spend the afternoon at a restorative yoga session or as the yoga teacher likes to call it - an advanced lying down session.It is blissful. I spend three hours getting myself into deeply restful yoga poses. I'm so chilled from it, that I am in bed at 9 pm and that's Saturday gone...

If you would like to attend the advanced lying down yoga sessions, you can find out more here:

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