Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Nano Wrap Up

So that's that then. Nanowrimo is once again over for another year. It was not a major success for me this year in that I wrote under 10,000 words (yes I know my last post put me at just over 7k, but I did do some more. I just didn't tell you about it.  I guess you can count that as another failure - not even finishing blogging about it. Hummm...  What does that all say about me? Let's not go there.

However, 2013 is another year and I am determined that by Nano next year, my novel will be finished and printed in some version or other and out there circulating in the Universe. There I've said it now. It's out there - you all heard it and so now I have to make it come true.

Well done to all those Nano participants that made it and broke through the 50k threshold. It's a great feeling to finish. I just need to hold onto what it felt like last year and what it will feel like when I've finished my novel.

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