Monday, 5 November 2012

Nano Nano

Day One - Thursday 1st November

My wordcount 1057
Target wordcount 1667
Shortfall of target 610

It's the 1st of November and Nanowrimo begins. I'm staying with friends in Norfolk but I'm awake early and so decide to get up and make a start. This year I have a plan and so I know what's on the writing agenda and this helps.

It's a good start and I write 1057 words before my friends get up, put the radio on and start making breakfast. We are heading out for the day, but I feel confident that later this evening I'll write more. After all I am feeling good about the start I've made and I don't have to write many words to reach today's target.

Later after a fish and chip supper and a long day walking round the shops in Norwich, I think up lots of excuses not to write any more today.

Tomorrow is another day and I can easily catch up...

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