Saturday, 17 November 2012

Nano - Day Thirteen

Tuesday 13th November

My wordcount today 997
My total wordcount to date 6295
Target wordcount 21671
Shortfall from target 15376

So, yesterday wasn't a bad day. I did at least write and added to my wordcount. Perhaps I can do the same today. Today disappears in a bit of a blur, but I have a one hour slot available to me during 5 pm and 6 pm. I tell myself that it's not long enough to really get going and so think about closing down my computer. But then another part of my brain kicks in and suggests that actually I could write solidly for that hour. It tells me that surely some progress can be made in an hour. I spend a few minutes with a Nano angel on one shoulder and the Nano devil on the other arguing the toss. Today the angel's voice of reason wins me over and I write for the hour slot I have available. Actually, it's pretty productive time and yipee I've actually manged to write two days on the trot. All is not yet lost.

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