Sunday, 18 November 2012

Nano - Day Seventeen

Saturday 17th November

My wordcount today 661
My total wordcount to date 6956
Target wordcount 28339
Shortfall from target 21383

I wake up in Suffolk. I can hear the seagulls squawking from the comfort of my bed and rather than get up and engage immediately in the day, I grab my laptop and write in bed. This is nice I think. I'm sure I could manage this every day while I'm here. I write a total of 661 words before I rise for breakfast and a shower. It's not major progress, but it's something rather than nothing and it makes me happy.

My husband and I head out to Orford to browse the delights of the country market and we come away with a dressed crab, a rosemary foccacia and half a dozen eggs. After a walk round the town (which frankly doesn't take long) and a stroll to the quay and back we head to the Pump Street bakery - just voted Suffolk's cafe of the year for 2012 for capuccino and something flaky and delightful. We find just that and in addition sit opposite a charming couple. He was in textiles and chats happily to my husband about his years in the industry and she who I find out is called Suzy turns out to be a writer, editor and proof reader and worked in the publishing industry. Naturally we get onto the subject of writing and THE NOVEL and spend a happy half an hour or so in discussion. I love meeting people this way. I love the fact that you get a brief snapshot into someone's life and then they're gone forever usually, but you have had this tiny spider's web connection into their life and them into yours. That's what usually happens, but in this case Suzy invites me to a literary lunch taking place on Friday while I am here in Suffolk. She tells me that Anthony Horowitz and Meg Rosoff will be speaking and taking questions and it sounds too interesting an event to turn down. I'm not sure I have an outfit with me to attend a literary lunch, but I'll cobble something together or perhaps it gives me a perfect opportunity to buy something new.

The remainder of the day is filled with a visit from my husband's brother, eating a hearty portion of fish and chips, a long stroll along the promenade and crab sandwiches in front of the telly. I'm not far from finishing "Room" and I've also made a start on reading "The Hunger Games", both very different books but both enjoyable and although no further writing takes place today, I'm excited at the prospect of receiving an impromtu invite to see two writers speak later this week.

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