Monday, 5 November 2012

Nano - Day Four

Sunday 4th November

My wordcount today 1002
My total wordcount to date 2059
Target wordcount 6668

Shortfall from target 4609

Hurrah! This morning, I get up and before I shower or do anything else, I sit down to write. It takes me approximately an hour to write a thousand words. Boy, I think so if I sat down for 7 hours, I could write 7,000 words. Does it actually work like that? Maybe.

I am tempted by a Vintage Fair that is taking place locally and before I know it, I am wandering around a village hall looking at hand made christmas tree decorations, vintage tea sets and jelly moulds and I am eating a very large slice of carrot cake. Lovely.

The afternoon brings two choices - head into Chester and meet up with the other wrimos who are meeting for the write-in or go and see Daniel Craig in Skyfall with my husband and a friend. Guess who won?

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