Friday, 3 August 2012

My Little Write Space

I'd like to tell you a secret. Do you promise you won't tell? OK then I'll share it with you.

Today I am sitting in my new writing space.  The space has always been here but today it is special, it is mine. And why is this a secret you might ask - well that's because my husband has been busy preparing a new table for me to use. It will be the place at which I sit to write. He has created a little write space, just for me. 

But the table is not quite finished. There is more sanding and it needs painting too, he tells me. Yet I am impatient and excited and so today, the partially-finished table has been brought into the house and I am sitting at it writing this post. I just want to see how it is, what it is like, how I feel sitting in the space. My very own writing space. And it is everything I thought it would be. It feels wonderful.

Later today it will return to the garage for its final preening before it becomes a regular part of the household, and I am happy that it has had a test-run.

Why not join me here at the little write space again soon. I'll be posting my thoughts on writing. There'll be the ups and the downs and all the bits in between and I'd love to hear about your own experiences too.

Until next time...

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